The Lord’s Prayer


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B101  The Lord’s Prayer, (Matthew 6:9-13) below and

B102  Come and See Jesus, (John 1:1-31) linked above


A great passage to explore is Mathew 6:9-13  on the Lord’s Prayer (B101)


B101  Lord’s Prayer (The first free BI course)

Hear Jesus Pray: Matt 6:9-13


  1. Introduction
  2. Our Father
  3. Holy Name
  4. Your Kingdom
  5. Your Will
  6. Give Us
  7. Forgive Us
  8. No Temptation
  9. No Evil
  10. Your Glory


  1. Introduction  (B101.1)

Purpose of the Course: To learn to pray as Jesus prayed.

Five Sections

The course can be divided into five sections, namely Introduction and God’s Glory,.Father and His Name, Your kingdom and Your Will, Give us and Forgive Us,  and No temptation and no evil. Each of these sections consist of two lessons.

Ten Parts:

Jesus presented that prayer as a model for praying. It includes 10 parts.(Each part will be a lesson)

TO: Our Father

ADDRESS: In heaven

FROM: us ( 0ur )

TITLE: Father

DESCRIPTION: Holy Name, Future King, All-encompassing Will.

REQUESTS: Meet our needs, Forgive our sins. (As we forgive)


AVOID: Temptations, Evil

CLOSING: King, Power-center, Glorious.

( IN THE NAME OF)  Jesus


Since Jesus gave his disciples this model for prayer, we may try to apply that model to our needs and prayer life:

Dear heavenly Father,

You are our Prince of peace, our King of Kings, our Guide in every aspect of life,

Give us wisdom and strength to walk (or run) a mile (or 2,4,or 5), to eat three healthy meals and nothing beside it, and to study Matthew 6 ( and 7,8 ).

Forgive us for spending too much time on the television,

for that wasted time may lead us into temptation and evil.

for you are our Lord, Master and encouraging Glory.

We ask this in the precious name of our Savior Jesus.


What to include and what to exclude in our prayers:

1. Address God respectfully by one of his titles.

2. Before making specific requests, praise Him for His blessings, kindness, and leading.

3. Ask forgiveness for specific sins and transgressions.

4. Avoid generalities.

5. Submit your prayer to the Father through Jesus.

My Prayer Journal 1:  1/5/2016  My Loving Heavenly Father. You, my God, you aree Love.There is no fear in love, but perfect love frees me from fear. You are there for me in love with joy, peace and patience. What more do I need? When Anna and I married in Vancouver some 61 years ago, there was a sign over the pulpit that said that God is love. God has always been my love. He has always expelled my fears. Anna is gone, but God’s love remains. Now it is expressed in new ways. “Nothing can separate us from your Love”. Not death, not life, not the present, nor the future, no fear. Nothing at all. Your love keeps me going and giving. I praise you for your loving help. I have nothing to fear.

Kind Father, here is my request. You created me, you forgave me, you saved me. You accepted me as your child and as a Bible teacher to many. Today I respond to your love by helping one of your children with her manuscript. You are the Love that brings me courage, strength and blessings, that make all this meaningful. Love is not what I do but what You do for me and through me. “The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance”. When possible, I choose to help people in small groups rather than alone. Groups are blessings for you and me. You supply the strength for these sessions. Thank you. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen. 

Bible quotations: John 4:8, 16, 18, Romans 8:38-39, Galatians 5:22.


My Prayer Journal 2:  5/8/2016. Our Father-God:  You are both our Father and our God. You made us, you guide us, you look after us. You encourage us constantly. You bring kind people to us. They help us in your name. Thank You for you love. You have brought us the Good News that Jesus saves. You have promised to save us if we just trust in Your Way. Without trust and faith in You, there is no hope for us. With trust and faith, everything is possible.  Father, a good place to start is to  review the Lord’s Prayer. We pray and we read the Bible. 

Now to my needs. Today, open again Your mission for me. When I was 18, Your mission for me became clear. I was to glorify You through Bible teaching (Jesus saves) and teaching in general. That I have done all my life.  And I am still doing it. For the last four years, I received an additional mission, to take good care of my kind wife Anna. That was a full-time job that I lost on December 29, 2015. I miss her greatly. Lord, do You have a new mission for me? Am I to keep writing? Am I to go deeper into the love of Jesus? Yes, yes, yes. Indeed, your Word is so precious. I am so rich because of Jesus, the Bible, and all the good people around me. So I wrote  today a simple  poster that says that Jesus saves. And I shared it with a kind person. Was that my mission today?  Thank you for that gift of sharing. It is not a long list that I need, just to know that You save me and keep me in Your loving hands. Thank you for that.

Assignment 1a: Write out your prayer modeled after the Lord’s Prayer or prayer journal and submit it below. If it is worthy of a comment, Dr. Klimes and others from the Institute will comment on it and may grade it. That is only for serious students in May and June 2016. Later there will be 10 lessons in one year. Assignment 1b will be individualized.



B101.2   Our Father:  Matt 6:9 

The Word “OUR”.

The prayer starts with the word “our” rather than the word “my”.  Am I praying for a whole group rather than just for myself? Who is included in that group that becomes all at once my prayer partners? And who has appointed me as representative and made me spokesman for a group I do not even know? Can I not go into my closet and pray by myself for myself? Do I have to join a group for God to hear me?

These are all good questions. Consider them and pray about them. But I now realize that God has planted me into groups, some or many of who love me. So first and foremost, I accept their love and good will and go on from there. I am not the center of everyone’s love. But I listen with an open heart and I hear God’s love-song in many places. God and others are there for me, if I just listen. I am the beloved of God, of my family, of my friends in my support groups. I am rich. Thank you, Jesus. 

Wherever possible, God seems to focus on groups rather than on isolated individuals. God deems to focus on relationships rather than isolated characteristics. Relationships are dynamic, individuals may become static. To start with, we have God in three persons, Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. They act in concert together. That is heavenly music. As far as we know, angels always sing together as a choir.  

One person does not make a church. It always take a group. God seems to love groups that learn how to live and love together. When we come to God, we join the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in their journey. If we have no one with us, we cannot love, because it takes two to love.  And God is plural, He is love. Thanks for the fellowship. I am never alone. 

God, you are not only my Father, but everybody’s Father, if they know it or not. Even of people who do not know you. All people and animals are your creatures. You are your creator. Some have their names in the book of life, others in another book, but no one is forgotten. All will be resurrected. 

God expect us to pray not only for ourselves, but for our family, friends, and foes. That enlarges the picture.  God sees us not in isolation, but in our relationship with a number of groups. We become spiritual intercessors. For the “our/us” goes on, with give us, forgive us, lead us not, and deliver us. We all may have similar needs. God had good reasons for the using the word our rather rather than my father. We praise His name together.


There are at least three uses of the word father, namely dad, then people who use it as a title, and our heavenly Father. For me, Papa was the early provider who provided everything.  He loved me and I loved him. Father Mirek did not try to father me. That leaves my heavenly Father. I live, because He lives.

Father, heavenly Father, kind heavenly Father! We come to You because you are our Creator who made us in Your own likeness, who art our bridge between our limited world and paradise, who art so kind as to offer us a place in Your kingdom just for the asking. We come to You as Your children, thankful for all the many blessings You constantly shower upon us, for Your Word that teaches and guides us today, and for Your Son that came to sacrifice His life so that we might have eternal life.

It is wonderful that I am in some ways similar to You. And that You keeps looking out for me. The more I know about You, the richer I am. The more I obey You, the less trouble I get into. The more I learn about You, the more joy I find in the ordinary events of each day. I may forget You in the busy hours of my  day, but You do not forget me. 

The Lord’s Prayer is part of Christ’s Sermon on the Mountain found in Matthew 5-7. Here Christ in ten descriptions tells us who the Father really is. In this paragraph,  we gives these ten descriptions in a general way as presented in the gospel of Matthews. In the following paragraph, we shall apply the description to my personal life. Then in the assignment for this lesson, you will be asked to apply the father descriptions to your life. We can and should glorify our heavenly Father (Matt 5:16). When we love all, we show that we are children of our heavenly Father (Matt 5:45). Like our heavenly Father, we are to be perfect (Math 5:48). Our heavenly Father hears and rewards our secret prayers (Matt 6:4,6). Our heavenly Father knows our  needs even before we ask (Matt 6:8), we are not to be long-winded. Our heavenly Father forgives us (Matt 6:14). Our heavenly  Father dwells and sees in secret (Matt 6:18). Our heavenly Father knows our needs (Matt 6:32).  Our heavenly Father gives good things to us that ask Him (Matt 7:11). Only he that does the will of our heavenly Father enters heaven (Matt 7:21).  It is not an easy thing to call God our heavenly Father. That title includes His wonderful personality. It calls us to glory, love, relationships, perfection, secrecy, needs, forgiveness, gifts, doing God’s will, and our ticket to heaven. A real big order. We could call it the Sermon about the heavenly Father.

Let us pray to the Father that dwells in heaven. We have seen but a glimpse of his glory in His trees, in His colorful fish, and His helpful Words. His glory is way past our understanding.  His love continually provides the very best for us in gifts, in helps, and in life. There is nothing more wonderful than the love of God. Only He really knows what is the best for us.  He is perfect for us in providing for us what we really need. He listen to all our prayers, even the trivial ones. Nothing is too unimportant for him. When we hurt our toes, He hurts. He hears and He heals. Thank you for your patience. He knows our need for healing better than we do. I have just a general feeling of pain, He knows that it the tip of my right toe at a level of 4. Father, forgive me for giving up to seek you so soon. Five minutes about my toe seems like a long time. But maybe an hours with some of my psalms may be just right. I am to be perfect in my trust of you, not in all my behavior. Christ is my perfection. He is my Savior in all things. It is the will of my Father that I  should take everything, even my little toe, to the  Father in prayer.  I maybe have even greater needs than my toe. 

Christ describes our heavenly Father as the most Holy One. We cannot reach that holiness by trying but only as Jesus counts His holiness as ours.  The first time in the sermon that the title Father is mentioned, it is mentioned in connection with His glorification. That is still the main purpose of life. We are here to glorify the heavenly Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 


God, others and I: an essay from May 24, 2016

I try to live for God and glorify Him in all that I do. But as you see, I started this essay with the word I. And it is a capital I, like as if I would be the most important person around. So back to God. I write God with a capital because He is the Capital of my life. With Him, I am blessed, with out Him I am in deep trouble.  God is our Father in heaven and on earth. My biological father has gone to his rest long ago. But I have the kind support of many men  that see in me their father. I am their brother, father and goof friend. I am not alone here. My heavenly father is always there for me.  I learning to love Him more and more as time goes by. God chose to reveal to us His character, not His looks. Thus nobody has seen the Father, but some 2000 years ago many have seen Jesus. In Jesus, God became flesh so that He could identify with us and we identify with Him. God also shows  Himself in His living word, the Bible. Thus we find Jesus in the Bible. What a wonderful gift.

Our Father gives me daily love, joy and peace. These are some of God’s fruits of the Spirit.  I do not earn them, they just grow wild where His love is accepted. That is God’s amazing grace. His love surrounds me and encourages me. It helps me bear the burdens of life. His love tells me that I have value. I can make it. His joy takes pains away. It enriches me when I feel poor emotionally and spiritually. And His peace calms me when the sea of life is rough. It puts everything in beautiful order. What more can I want? Oh yes, He saves me and forgives me all the time.  

In the gospel of John, Jesus calls himself the I AM seven  times.  Jesus leaves a blank after the I AM  __ all you need. Jesus is all I need. In the Old Testament, Jesus also calls himself the I AM. Not the I WAS, or the I WILL BE, but the ongoing Presence. As that, He is also always with us. He is the Creator of all. He was always there, is now there, and will be there for us and the universe. He said that He is the Bread of life, the Light of the world, the Door, the Good Shepard, the Resurrection and the Life, the Way, the Truth and the life,and the true Vine. (John 6:35, 9:5, 10:7, 10:11, 11:25, 16:6.15:1).  Like bread, He feeds us, like Light he enlightens us, like a Door He welcomes us, like a good Shepard he looks after us, like the Resurrection he raises us up, like the Way he  maps our future, like the Truth he lives in reality, like the true Wine he connects us to the Source of strength. He is with us, for us, in us, next to us, and above us. 

May 28,16  This evening I put a label on my inside house door. It reads “1. Jesus.” There is no number 2. My life purpose is to serve Jesus. To go where He tells me to go, to do what He tells me to do. It is June 4 by now. Jesus is the first person in my life. Today some kind people came over. That was wonderful. Jesus is called the Wonderful.  We are full of wonder when we consider His loving kindness. Last night we again shared the Word. One of our group members had injured herself, but she came anyway. She needed the Word. She need the group. She needed Jesus. And so do I. I too am injured, broken, needy, nearly helpless. I  have found my help in Jesus. Thank you Jesus.

 //////////////////////////////// more…

Assignment  2a: Apply  the ten description of my Father as they are found in the Sermon on the Mountain. Do so after the pattern I used here in the lesson. Assignment 2b: An individual assignment after you complete Assignment 2a.

In Heaven

The Lord’s prayer focuses four times on heaven. That is amazing. Our Father lives in heaven.  That is where his home was, is, and will be. Besides this, we have fathers on earth. Our heavenly Father gives us spiritual birth, our earthly father physical birth. We need both. But to live forever, we can not go on without our heavenly Father.  

Your kingdom will come down from heaven to earth. That is our daily prayer and hope. More on that later. Lesson 4 is all about God’s Kingdom and Heaven.

Your kingdom is now mainly in heaven.  We want it here also.

The prayer ends with the assurance that Yours is the Kingdom. Thank God.


PRAY: Dear Kind Father, Lord and Savior, we come to you as some of your children,  because we know that you love us with an everlasting love  and that we love you. First and foremost You are our Father, because You made is, You guide us, You keep us. You are the Wonderful, the Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace. We pray to You because we need Your loving Presence right now. Our prayer today will have two main parts, one about Your glory and another one about our needs. Your glory shines out in great splendor, our needs are already supplied if we just trust You.Thank you for your Word and trees and love.

Your prayer also has two parts, the first part about You, the second part about us and our requests. Forgive me, but I often forget that You want to bless us by just reminding us about our many blessings. We are never alone, you are always there for us. Your hand keeps guiding us. Your Word keep directing us. Your love, keeps sustaining us. 

In Your prayer You ask for bread, forgiveness, protection and deliverance from evil. That is all. My list is usually longer. Today I pray for spiritual bread and strength. Your Words will sustain and strengthen us. We look for Words of courage and grace.

TEXT: Matt 6:9. After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father.

DEFINE: Father, father, relative, heaven, kingdom,

QUESTION: Q1. What makes God our Father? ____________

Q2. Can we pray to God our mother? ____________________

Q3. Why do we pray in the plural? ______________________

Q4. Is there a place for prayer in the singular? ____________

Q5. Is heaven and God’s kingdom the same?  ____________

6. What is God’s address?____________________________

LESSON CENTER: Address God as God clearly.

DISCUSS: What is our relationship with God? 

READ: Read the notes and consider them. 



B101.3  Holy Name.

Be holy and make holy

What is holy?

What do I dedicate, what do I set apart as holy? Who is holy? How does one become holy? Is the Father holy by nature or can  I make Him holy? How can I make him holy? Can I work on my job and still be holy?   Or must I give up my secular job to be holy? 

I just listened to the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln said that he could not dedicate the fallen soldiers, that they have dedicated the land with their lives. There is no greater dedication than to give your live for a noble purpose.  I have dedicated my Saturday mornings and Monday evenings to group studies of God’s Word. I have dedicated a place in my house to prayer. I have dedicated some seven Bibles to a deep study of the Word. I have dedicated the use of the name of Jesus for prayer, nothing else. It is very precious to me. I dedicated my latest book “See Jesus,” to the memory of my kind wife, Anna Klimes  I have dedicated myself as a teacher of the Bible. Lord, accept me, please. When I dedicate something to the Lord, I set it apart for holy use. God makes it holy, not I. I just receive special blessings from the Lord. God’s holiness rubs off from it to me. That is glorious.

………………………Notes from May 23,2016 and later………………………………………………..

God’s Name is holy. 

God has many names. All of them are holy. They are very complete. I  love  how He describes Himself in Isaiah 9:6 as Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. They describe Him so well. We wonder how he can love us so much. He keeps counseling in the way we should go. He as Creator has all the might in the world. HE always was, is, and will be our God. The result of His rule in our hearts is peace. What more can we wont? Because He is holy, His work is also holy. Day by  day we wonder as He unfolds the sun before us. We read his counsel in the Proverbs and they fit us so nicely. He gives us strength to overcome our fime limitations and food problems.He stills our hearts so that we can rest in His arms.

Many times, we are far too busy. We feel that we have to accomplish much in a short time. It is not so much what we do but who we are. We are the precious children of God that enjoy His presence. We appreciate His blessings. And there are so many of them. We daily gain our strength from the Holy Spirit that enters our lives. What more can we want? Wisdom? God gives that too. So take courage. The best is still to come. My strength comes to me through prayer. My wisdom comes to me through my Bible. My Bible is my treasure house of learning. As I spend time in prayer and with my Bible, I gain all I need.  Thank God.

“Hollowed be your name.” Holy be your name. The Bible uses hallowed more often than holy.  We somehow fear the word holy. We feel we are unholy. Whatever Jesus touches becomes holy. Jesus touched the seventh day and made it holy. He set it apart for worship and holy work. Those that keep it holy are blessed. They take part in something holy. I have before me my Holy Bible. God’s Word is holy. Very holy. Holy and inspired. Holy and helpful. Sometimes we think about a church as the holy house of God. Or the disciples as holy men of God.  (more)

In our difficulties we too often focus on our personal needs rather than on the holiness of God. Our personal needs overshadow everything. Our focus on them makes us spiritually dead. Holy work focuses on the needs of others. Holy worship focuses on the glory of God. Thus the things of the world grow dim as the glory and holiness  of God enlightens everything. There is healing in His Presence. What God touches, He heals. Even our pains.

God is love. The highest form of love includes sacrifice. God sacrificed His Son for us. We sacrifice things for the ones we greatly love. We thank God that we can do so. We give and forgive freely because we freely receive and are freely forgiven.  We ask for nothing in return. God has plenty. We have plenty. So God and we give freely. 

Why do I write about difficulties and love in a section on holiness? I cannot face God’s holiness in my sinful self. My sins separate me from His holiness.  My God who is love has sent His holy angel to forgive my sins and and strengthen me in my difficulties. That angel has burned my sins away.  Without that I am in real trouble. As I share the love of God with others, I am doubly blessed.

May 24, 2916.

God and His names are holy. God defines what  is holy. I know very little of the meaning of holiness. I approach God in prayer and am learning a little of His glory and majesty.  I feel that holiness just belongs to God. But that is not so. For God made the Sabbath holy and gave it to us as a holy gift. We can partake of God’s holy gifts including His time, Word, and blessings.  What stops us? Are we too timid? Do I really know what I am looking for? Maybe just living in Hid Word is very good.  I can do that with joy.   


Assignment: to be announced.


TEXT: Matt 6:9. Hallowed be Your name.

DEFINE: Holy, hallowed, name.

QUESTION: Q1. What is holy? _____________________

Q2. What makes anybody holy? ____________________

Q3. What makes anything holy? ______________________

Q4. Can we become holy? __________________________

Q5. Why is God’s name holy?  ______________________

6. Who makes God’s name holy?____________________

LESSON CENTER: Address God as a holy God.

DISCUSS: What is our relationship with a holy God? 

READ: Read the notes and consider them. 

End of  Lesson 3..



B101.4-10  Hear Jesus Pray: Matt 6:9-13

4. Your Kingdom

The King

Jesus is our King. He rules in our hearts. He guides us in the way we should go. We are lost without a king. Nobody else is wise to guide us all the time. Jesus knows what we need and how He can meet our needs. God’s kingdom has a membership book in heaven. Only those who’s name is written there can enter heaven. Our membership in God’s kingdom depends on our relationship with the king. You must trust the king in order to be accepted by him. The King goes by many names. Each name fits the king completely. The first name that comes to my mind is usually Creator. God starts His book as Creator. To me it is very important that God created everything. Because He created everything, He can recreate also everything. Thus I have  hope in the resurrection. 

God’s kingdom started before creation. It will become the New Heaven and the New Earth. It will include thr New Jerusalem. It will include God’s church, His angels and people. A pretty big place.

June 11, 20166.  I just finished reading an article in the Johns Hopkins Magazine entitled Might as Well Laugh. What has that to do with God’s Kingdom? God’s Kingdom is and will be wonderful and full of joy. God is wonderful. full of wonder and fun.  It is the world and its pains that is no fun. Just to travel with the saints. Just to sing with the angels. Just to play with tigers. Just to walk in Jerusalem with John. The Second Coming of Christ will be the Greatest Celebration on earth. You cannot imagine the lights, the sounds, the thrills, the glory. Nothing can compare with it. That will be real living, real joy, real fun. You cannot count the surprises. You cannot value the riches. You cannot appreciate the laughter now. Then we will be save and free. 

Heavenly joy is healing. It takes all tears away. It opens doors. It befriends others. It supports you on the difficult road ahead. It frees you for His Kingdom. It is good medicine. Often it takes real work to find it. But when you find it, it fills you. Thank God.

Joy is  often defined as great  pleasure or happiness, Fun is usually seen as entertainment or amusement,  Both are expressions of playfulness. They include smiles, laughter, and humor. There is nothing wrong with this in its proper time. Jesus used humor in His talks. So did I. Heaven is a happy place, not a pain. Enjoy it  now and when we will live there forever. We serve a happy king. Have a happy day.

While eating alone, I now often listen to the Sacramento classical radio station. They have a variety of marches, dances and concerts. I find most of their offerings very happy music. It lifts me up. It refreshes me. It enriches my day. It encourages me. The bells are always joyous. I did not know that music could be so helpful. I often move with it, I dance with it. I sing with it. I listen for the parts I know. I am happy and blessed. Thank God for good music and the joy it brings. There are still many area of joy that I have not yet discovered. God’s kingdom is great and glorious.


Your Kingdom

God’s Kingdom is beyond our understanding. There is a king, citizens, land, a constitution, a government, a history, a passport, an army, money, and so much more. 



TEXT: Matt 6:10. Your kingdom come.

DEFINE: kingdom, coming.

QUESTION: Q1. What is a kingdom? _____________________

Q2. Where is God’s kingdom? ____________________

Q3. When is the kingdom coming? ______________________

Q4. Who is part of Go’d kingdom? __________________________

Q5. Why do we pray about God’s kingdom?  _________________

6. Who announced God’s kingdom?____________________

LESSON CENTER: Keep God’s kingdom in mind.

DISCUSS: What is the relationship between God’s kingdom and heaven ? 

READ: Read the notes and consider them. 



5. Your Will

Heaven is heavenly because God’s will is done there. The day will come when God’s will will be done on earth as it is in heaven. That day is not far away. God’s will includes everything good and wonderful. To live in the atmosphere of heaven now, we must do God’s will. There is nothing false or selfish in God’s will. Our will gets us into trouble. God’s will is beautiful and perfect love. There is nothing better.

I want to know what is God’s will for me today and for every day. God shows me His will through prayer and Bible study. He gives me opportunities and jobs. Often I do not see them as such. I keep asking and asking. God’s Word is clear.

This is the last section on the praise prayer. Here there are no personal requests. These come later.

At this time, I am going through a period of change. Up to now, I mostly got my way and my will. Yesterday I moved into a senior community apartment. My two daughters and their friends moved me in. All went smoothly. I felt like I left a life and started a new one. Much in God’s will for God’s glory. I escaped all the things I did not need. I have less and I am richer. I left much behind and I gained a new freedom of things. Thank God. I learned again what the term family means. It is in many ways a bucket of love. My new apartment is just wonderful. All is well arranged and beautiful. All pictures and paintings have a long history. Some of them go back to over 60 years when Anna and I were young and first married. All furniture and graphics are memories that are very precious. All are placed in the right place with great love. Not my will. I let my family place them as they see fit. It comes out with special beauty. All works together nicely.

God provides all I really need. I am sending back a few things that I do not need. That makes room and gives me space. Today it is a week since I moved here. So far, all is well. Not according to my will, but according to God’s will. That is all that matters. I am amazed at the learning opportunities God provides. They are too many to list. But they are very clear and powerful. This afternoon I was invited into a home. I asked if I could dedicate their home to the glory of God. They asked me to do so. So I prayed for their home. The couple felt blessed. And so did I. Prase God.   


. ==================================================================


6. Give Us



7. Forgive Us



8. No Temptation



9. No Evil



10. Your Glory